The Point of Pastoral Ministry: Lay Ministry

Bill Easum, our consultant in ministry in North Alabama, has a provocative word about the need to empower the laity to do ministry: “You know, one of the issues here is that everyone relies too much on the pastor to do all the ministry.” Before I could finish the man blurted out, “I’m aware ourContinue reading “The Point of Pastoral Ministry: Lay Ministry”

The Dream of Pastoral Leadership

Most contemporary accounts of leadership imply that the leader is the one who asks questions, moves toward answers, and clarifies where we are and what we are doing. However, Lewis Parks and Bruce Birch note that the Christian leader may be the one who helps us live with mystery, to follow the Dream, to findContinue reading “The Dream of Pastoral Leadership”

Meeting and Being Met by God

Two people meet one another on the sidewalk. Their eyes meet. Will they greet one another, encounter one another, or only pass by silently? One person extends her hand, the other responds. They shake hands, embrace. “How are you getting along?” he asks. “Fine,” she responds. “And you?” The handshake, the embrace, the traditional wordsContinue reading “Meeting and Being Met by God”