RESIDENCE IN MINISTRY God is doing great things through North Alabama’s ordination process. The entire probationary process has been changed. Commissioned probationers are now Residents in Ministry and the probationary process is now called Residence in Ministry (RIM). Mentors are trained coaches. Instead of seeming to be a series of hoops to negotiate, the groupContinue reading “GUEST BLOGGING: ALL THINGS NEW IN NORTH ALABAMA”

Rules of Transformative Leadership (Continued)

Last week I introduced Tony Robinson’s Rules for Transformative Leadership. A number of you report that Tony’s rules have provided some helpful insight into your own pastoral leadership style. This week I list the final five of Tony’s rules for pastors who would be more than mere managers: 1. Don’t overvalue consensus. Pastors tend toContinue reading “Rules of Transformative Leadership (Continued)”

Rules of Transformative Leadership

In previous emails I have noted that we pastors must conceive of ourselves as transformers rather than mere managers. Fidelity to Christ means a willingness to change, to be transformed. Pastor Anthony Robinson helpfully lists ten “rules of leadership” that are particularly applicable for pastors who serve congregations where people are resistant to change. [i]Continue reading “Rules of Transformative Leadership”


One of the most frequent questions I get is, “You say that we must do a better job of evaluating clergy effectiveness. How is it possible to define ‘effectiveness’” I believe that those of us who are charged with the ministry of administration must get better at evaluating and rewarding clergy effectiveness. Thus the bookContinue reading “MEASURING AND MANAGING CLERGY EFFECTIVENESS”