We Believe in the Triune God

Early next year we will be having a Conference wide celebration on the Joy of Wesleyan Believing. Our Lay Ministry Team will be asking every church and pastor to join in a study of United Methodist Beliefs. The text for the study will be a little book that I recently published, United Methodist Beliefs (JohnContinue reading “We Believe in the Triune God”

Church Growth Keys: Multiracial, Happy, More Males, and Active

Kirk Hadaway is a veteran church observer of mainline church growth and decline. Recently, Hadaway released the results of a study he completed on mainline churches. I think it has real relevance for our work in North Alabama: Congregations interested in increasing their weekly attendance would do wellto make a plan for recruiting new members,Continue reading “Church Growth Keys: Multiracial, Happy, More Males, and Active”