Reaching Young Adults

In 1994, a commission convened by the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, with Joseph A. Califano, Jr. as chair, issued a rather alarmist report, “Rethinking Rites of Passage: Substance Abuse on America’s Campuses.” The report invented the phrase “binge drinking.” It noted that one in three college students drinks primarily toContinue reading “Reaching Young Adults”

On NOT Reaching Our Culture Through Our Preaching

Recently I led a group of pastors in a discussion about our preaching. When I asked the pastors, “What areas would you like help with in your preaching?” most of them responded with, “I want help in making connection with my listeners, relating the gospel to their everyday lives.” “I want to preach sermons whichContinue reading “On NOT Reaching Our Culture Through Our Preaching”