The Practical, Organizational Relevance of Resurrection

In a workshop with Paul Borden last year, someone asked him, “You are a natural leader in starting new churches. What is the main thing you look for in selecting new pastors?” Borden responded, “An Orthodox faith, a vivid belief in the Trinity, and of course, a sure faith in the resurrection.” Don’t you findContinue reading “The Practical, Organizational Relevance of Resurrection”

Concerning the Death Penalty

On Monday, March 31, come hear Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking, speak at Highlands United Methodist Church, Birmingham at 7 p.m. There may be sound arguments in favor of the Death Penalty. Unfortunately for us Christians, none of these arguments can be made on biblical or Christian theological grounds. The Social PrinciplesContinue reading “Concerning the Death Penalty”

Who But The Church Will Tell Such Truth?

Here we are, deep in Lent, Christian season of penitence and introspection, season of admission of sin and confession of our finitude. We are in a mess. We are not gods unto ourselves. We are sinners. Who but the poor old church will – in this upbeat, feel-good, progressive society – tell such truth aboutContinue reading “Who But The Church Will Tell Such Truth?”

Singapore, Malaysia and Domestic Missions

On Maundy Thursday, March 20, Patsy and I will leave for Singapore and Malaysia on a mission trip. I have been invited to meet with all the pastors of the Singapore Methodist Church and to give a lecture in the theological college there on Wesleyan Theology. We are looking forward to learning more about theContinue reading “Singapore, Malaysia and Domestic Missions”