A Look Back

We are coming back this September with new posts from Bishop Willimon. In the meantime, we’d like to ask our readers to comment on some of their favorite posts from Bishop Willimon over the past few years.

We’d also like to hear your insights and thoughts on these posts for a news story to be posted at our North Alabama Conference website: www.northalabamaumc.org

Bishop Willimon is now part of the Christian Century blogroll. Check out other innovative blogs on their website.

2 thoughts on “A Look Back

  1. I’ve been looking to expand my personal library and I was having a hard time tracking down good Methodist authors. My Pastor (Kevin Hall — Lake Jackson UMC, Tallahassee, FL) recommended Bishop Willimon and in searching for books written by him I came across this blog. I am not only adding it to my bookmarks but I’ve also added it to my own blog’s blogroll.I would like to obtain some books by Bishop Willimon. Which of his books would you recommend for starters? Keep in mind, I’m no trained theologian but a middle-aged Christian layman. Thank you.


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