The Best of All God (Yet) With Us

Saturday, a week ago, we had a grand celebration of 200 years of Methodism in Alabama. Thanks to our North Alabama Conference Historical Society for providing us this opportunity to celebrate our heritage. From the Flint Circuit, we’ve grown to a strong, far flung Conference. This past month I’ve preached in two of the churchesContinue reading “The Best of All God (Yet) With Us”


John Wesley famously said that the “people called Methodists” should “make all you can, save all you can, give all you can,” with the emphasis decidedly on the third part of that exhortation. Early Methodists dressed simply and lived simply. They founded societies for thrift, not in order to hoard but in order to give.Continue reading “SAVE ALL YOU CAN, GIVE ALL YOU CAN”

The Church and the Conversion of Emerging Adults

One of our Conference priorities is to reach a new generation of Christians. Our focus is upon the 18-30 age group, those who are being called “emerging adults.” If we are to reach this age group—the age group that we have sadly neglected and therefore find absence from our churches—we are going to have toContinue reading “The Church and the Conversion of Emerging Adults”

A New Generation of Clergy Leaders

One of the North Alabama Conference priorities is to call and cultivate a new generation of clergy and lay leaders.  Why have we made new, young clergy a priority?  The average age of our clergy is 59.  We are facing massive retirements in just a few years.  In the past decade, we have been ordainingContinue reading “A New Generation of Clergy Leaders”

An Emerging Generation for the Church

That the North Alabama Conference made reaching a new generation of Christian leaders a Conference Priority was prescient, according to recent reading that I’ve been doing on young adults. Robert Wuthnow, a noted sociologist of religion at Princeton, has just done a thorough study of the twenty to thirty something. Wuthnow’s After the Baby BoomersContinue reading “An Emerging Generation for the Church”