Beyond the Boundaries

Sometime ago I meditated on the plight of our congregations, particularly our small churches, particularly those who limited their mission and ministry to care of those in that congregation. In every case decline is the result. Let me tell you another story. Johnson Chapel is a small congregation. In October of 2002 Tom Salter, aContinue reading “Beyond the Boundaries”

Clergy Appointments in North Alabama

We have recently added to our conference website the following video on how the North Alabama Conference is making clergy appointments: Click Here. I offer this as an invitation for every congregation to be clear about its mission and what it is doing in ministry so that clergy with the right gifts and graces mayContinue reading “Clergy Appointments in North Alabama”

Leading Change and Transition

I hear that a number of our thriving churches are taking a critical look at their “contemporary worship” services – the services that we began over a decade ago that feature electronic, “contemporary” music and images. We appear to be moving to more eclectic, “ancient-future,” blended sorts of services. I’ve sure had my questions aboutContinue reading “Leading Change and Transition”

Reading the Bible Like Wesleyans

On March 7 at Canterbury UMC in Birmingham and on March 14 at Trinity UMC in Hutnsville, I will be leading a discussion on the unique Methodist way with scripture. I will discuss the particular Wesleyan contribution to the study, interpretation, and embodiment of Holy Scripture. This event is open to all interested pastors andContinue reading “Reading the Bible Like Wesleyans”