The Sending of Pastors

United Methodism is distinguished from many other churches in that we practice a “sent ministry.” Our pastors are appointed to churches, not hired or called by churches. We therefore continue the biblical and historic practice of sending pastoral leaders to places where they are most needed for the accomplishment of that congregation’s mission. Our pastorsContinue reading “The Sending of Pastors”

Educational Indebtedness of New Pastors

One of our Conference Priorities is a new generation of clergy leaders. The United Methodist Church has a long tradition of high educational standards for our clergy. Not long ago, because of the Ministerial Education Fund and the scholarships given by our colleges and seminaries, few pastors entered ministry with any indebtedness. Today the costContinue reading “Educational Indebtedness of New Pastors”

Lessons We Have Learned in Leading Transformation (continued)

Paul Borden is the Executive Minister of Growing Healthy Churches, formerly American Baptist Churches of the West. This region of 220 congregations saw over 70% of their churches transformed and is now focusing on congregational reproduction through out the United States and around the world. Paul has been very helpful here in North Alabama inContinue reading “Lessons We Have Learned in Leading Transformation (continued)”

Lessons We Have Learned in Leading Transformation

Time and again, Paul Borden has been so helpful in North Alabama in offering his insights on pastoral leadership and congregational change. Recently, Paul and I contributed chapters to a book on leadership that is edited by Hugh Ballou (who served a church in North Alabama a few years ago). I offer some of Paul’sContinue reading “Lessons We Have Learned in Leading Transformation”