Passing the Plate

The poor widow who gave out of her poverty rather than her wealth (Mark 12:42) and the rich young ruler (Luke 18:18-30) who refused to give anything out of his both typify American church giving. Sociologists Christian Smith, Michael Emerson, and Patricia Snell have recently published a study on Christian stewardship, Passing the Plate (OxfordContinue reading “Passing the Plate”

A Faith that is Based on the Testimony of Women

When women went to the tomb in darkness, on the first Easter morning, they were disheartened by the thought of a large stone placed by the soldiers before the entrance of the tomb. To their surprise, the stone was rolled away. An angel, messenger of God, perched impudently upon the rock. The angel preached theContinue reading “A Faith that is Based on the Testimony of Women”

The God Who Refused to be Done with Us

God promised to come, in spite of our sad human history. God vowed to be with us, to show us God’s glory, power, and love. That all sounded good until God Almighty dramatically made good on the promise and actually showed up as Jesus of Nazareth, not the vague and thoroughly adorable God whom weContinue reading “The God Who Refused to be Done with Us”