Traditional or Contemporary?

It’s always nice to hear that something you said was helpful to another Christian. When that Christian is an Episcopalian, it’s wonderful. While the Rev. Bennett doesn’t say all that could be said on the debate of “contemporary vs. traditional” in Christian worship, it was interesting to see her Anglican perspective on the worship ofContinue reading “Traditional or Contemporary?”

Thinking Like Christians about Health Care

Brother Rowe Wren recently wrote to say, “I would like your thoughts on…the present Health Care Bill.” In my travels around the Conference, I have heard much discussion on this pressing issue before our nation. I personally find the bill being debated and proposed to be fearfully complicated but it is an attempt to solveContinue reading “Thinking Like Christians about Health Care”

Claiborne’s Call to Young Christians

This year’s Annual Conference focused on reaching and empowering a new generation of Christians. At Conference our churches received some great ideas about how to reach out to the “Under Forty” generations; generations that we appear to have (unintentionally) excluded from too many of our congregations. Some of our younger clergy like Carrie Kramer Vasa,Continue reading “Claiborne’s Call to Young Christians”