Re-Thinking Annual Conference Staff Positions

“Form follows function,” they say in art, and in business. After a number of years of frustration, in attempting to utilize a Connectional Ministries form that seemed at times nonfunctional, Dale Cohen, in consultation with the Cabinet, announces a new form of supporting and training our churches that is centered upon the local church andContinue reading “Re-Thinking Annual Conference Staff Positions”

Sermon: "Buncombe Street, Through Faith Colored Glasses"

This fall I was asked back to my home church for their 175th Anniversary. Here is my sermon, to a Thanksgiving the ways that God blesses the church. “Buncombe Street, Through Faith Colored Glasses” November 15, 2009 175th Anniversary of Buncombe Street United Methodist Church Acts 2:43-47 Luke’s gospel was such a success, somebody saidContinue reading “Sermon: "Buncombe Street, Through Faith Colored Glasses"”