Women in Ministry in North Alabama

I keep a picture in front of me in my office in Birmingham. It is a picture of Patsy’s grandmother, Bessie Parker, the first the first ordained woman in South Carolina Methodism, ordained in 1956. Bessie Parker was a mentor and she performed our wedding. Perhaps more importantly, she was a remarkable leader in theContinue reading “Women in Ministry in North Alabama”

Growing the Church, One Small Group at a Time

One of the most impressive areas of growth for us is in the area of involvement in small groups in the church. Small group involvement is important for two main reasons: 1. The Wesleyan movement was, in great part, a small group movement. John Wesley creatively utilized small, face-to-face groups to ignite his revival. InContinue reading “Growing the Church, One Small Group at a Time”

Episcopal Report for 2009

Vision for the North Alabama Conference: Every church challenged and equipped to grow more disciples of Jesus Christ by taking risks and changing lives. Conference Priorities:New CongregationsNatural Church DevelopmentEffective Leadership for the 21st CenturyEmpowering a New Generation of ChristiansMissions My Goals for 2009: Have 95% North Alabama Conference Dashboard reporting for 2009 from all districts.WeContinue reading “Episcopal Report for 2009”