There Once Was a World by Peter L. Steinke

Some years ago I co-authored a book, Resident Aliens, which announced the demise of the Christendom era. Since then, many have noted that the church today finds itself in a radically different situation than the past decades in America. What are the implications of this? My friend Peter Steinke wrote a meditation on our lifeContinue reading “There Once Was a World by Peter L. Steinke”

The Wesley Study Bible as a Ministry Resource

Bill Thrasher, our pastor at Sand Springs UMC, is a strong leader in Christian education of his flock. He noted how the Wesley Study Bible, which I had the honor of editing with Joel Green, had become a help to him in his work in Christian formation of the young. He wrote to me recentlyContinue reading “The Wesley Study Bible as a Ministry Resource”

Ashes to Action: Give, Pray, Do

R.G. Lyons is leading some amazing work at our “Church Without Walls.” R.G. is one of the bright new leaders in our mission. In this message R.G. describes an initiative for Lent. – Will Willimon In a few weeks, many churches across our conference will be observing Ash Wednesday as we come together in sorrowContinue reading “Ashes to Action: Give, Pray, Do”