Reading Job in a Whirlwind

In the Hebrew scriptures “whirlwind” designates a variety of destructive, violent winds. Tornadoes are rare in the Holy Land. Perhaps it was a tornado that swept up Elijah (2 Kings 2:11). To my mind the most notorious whirlwind in scripture is the violent “great wind” that swept across the desert and destroyed Job’s house, killingContinue reading “Reading Job in a Whirlwind”

The Limits of Explanation

Last year Professor Bart Ehrmann of the University of North Carolina cranked out yet another book, God’s Problem. Dr. Ehrmann breathlessly announces that he has discovered that God has a big problem – suffering. Ehrmann dismisses various futile attempts on the part of God to explain why there is suffering, pain, and disaster in theContinue reading “The Limits of Explanation”