Wayne Flynt as the Bishop’s Lecturer

To better acquaint ourselves with our assignment in Alabama, Patsy and I spent a couple of months reading histories of our new state. “Read Wayne Flynt,” knowledgeable people advised, “he is Alabama’s greatest contemporary historian.” We devoured Wayne’s Alabama: The History of a Deep South State, and his Alabama in the Twentieth Century both publishedContinue reading “Wayne Flynt as the Bishop’s Lecturer”

The Possibilities of Church Turnaround

“Anniston First UMC is responsive and working toward change. God is blessing!” The words above begin a remarkable report of celebration and hope I received recently from the senior pastor at Anniston First, Rev. Peter Hawker. This was the second “90 Day Plan” I had been given since Pete’s appointment in January 2011. In bothContinue reading “The Possibilities of Church Turnaround”

First 90 Days Pastor’s Report

One of our most productive innovations in the way we appoint pastors has been our First 90 Days program. Every full time pastor who moves is asked to devise a First 90 Days plan, stating the goals and activity during the first 90 days. The District Superintendent and pastor work with the lay leadership toContinue reading “First 90 Days Pastor’s Report”

"The Bishop’s Dashboard" – The Christian Century Article

William Willimon’s experiment in accountability May 31, 2011 by Jason Byassee “My job now is to coordinate disaster relief,” William Willimon said, reflecting on the storms in Alabama that destroyed 20 United Methodist churches, rendered 20 more unusable for months to come and killed more than 200 Alabamians. “We’re trying to learn from our experienceContinue reading “"The Bishop’s Dashboard" – The Christian Century Article”

By The Numbers

Our Conference has pioneered the use of metrics in ministry in our Conference Dashboard. Our Dashboard shows the spiritual health of churches each week showing the most reliable indicators of spiritual vitality, not only of a church’s participation in Connectional Giving, but also professions of faith, baptism, attendance, and service to those in need. OthersContinue reading “By The Numbers”