God and A Church on the Move

I had the privilege (Just six years ago.) of receiving Sherry Harris into our Conference after her great seminary run at Vanderbilt. She had a great ministry at Vestavia, UMC, then in June was appointed to our dynamic Wesley Memorial in Decatur. I’ve watched Sherry utilize the Transition Teams approach to her First Ninety Days,Continue reading “God and A Church on the Move”

Unnatural Gratitude

Christians are made, not born,” said Tertullian. No Christian virtues are innate. Nothing about following Jesus comes naturally. Therefore, so much that the church does for us is formational, educational, and transformational. Take the virtue of gratitude. Don’t let anybody tell you that gratitude is innate. Why else would parents need to instruct their child,Continue reading “Unnatural Gratitude”

The Passing of a Preacher

When you enter the Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham – one of Alabama’s great institutions – you are welcomed by Fred Shuttlesworth. You will be welcomed to this shrine of the Civil Rights Movement by a preacher. Fred bragged that his head was harder than the batons of the Birmingham police. For decades this straightContinue reading “The Passing of a Preacher”