Praise for Incorporation

Check out what people are saying about Will Willimon’s new novel Incorporation:

See what Emergent leader Tony Jones had to say about Incorporation.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect in picking up this book. I am not a theologian and do not attend church on a regular basis. But was surprised and enlightened by this incredible story of a mainline church that could be found anywhere in this country. Everyone who has been associated with a church, especially as a member of a congregation, should read this funny and quirky story. You will enjoy this novel and look forward (as I do) for another Novel by Willimon.”

Amazon review

“If you have spent any time with “church people” you will relate to this book. A wonderful story of everyday people going about church life while missing the point and demonstrating man’s inhumanity to man. Dr. Willimon’s delightful sense of humor and satire make this book a joy to read. For anyone who is contemplating religion and life’s purpose, this book is a light hearted look at it all. I hope to see more fiction from Dr. Willimon.”

Amazon review


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