Yes, Lord Amen!

It’s been fun to see the response to my novel, Incorporation, (Cascade Press).  Kevin Seymour plans to enter Duke Divinity School in the fall to prepare to be a pastor after a lifetime of distinguished public service in North Carolina.  Kevin posted this review of the novel recently on Amazon. I was particularly pleased by his point of view as a person who is preparing for ministry in the church. 



I recommend Incorporation with enthusiasm. Thanks be to God for Willimon’s strike at a fictional tale, where he’s set free to reveal truths all too uncomfortable for real lives. But even jaded and experienced readers will need to brace themselves for the people in and around Hope Church.

Pettiness, envy, greed, and an appalling business-only approach to the ministry of Hope Church will leave you wondering where Jesus is in all this. The unmerited love of God shows up in astonishing and unexpected ways. Just as the author is set free to tell tales and dream up characters — so too are the lovable but mostly detestable folks in the story set free to try and lives outside of God’s love.

As someone about to embark on the greatest adventure of my life, answering a mid-life call to ordained ministry, Incorporation comes at an opportune time. So, it’s these people I’ll be leading? Yes Lord Amen!

As the story unfolds, it’s hard to find one among them to like. Who’s the hero among all the goats?

Thanks be to God for the true relief found in the funny spots. In a tribute to Willimon’s Southern heritage, he gives us an out-and-out fight among grown men which is altogether grotesque, ridiculous, violent, and hilarious.

The staff of this big church in a big mess must be completely void of the movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives. But the ever-faithful laity will please you (mostly) as they diligently stride along the journey.

By tale’s end we see the mysterious power of the Lord’s Supper really take effect, and a moving sermon by a forgotten and unsung preacher. We get to witness transformation of one’s heart which you will give you an incredulous and pleasing chuckle. Even she finally came around? Unbelievable!

God’s will cannot be undone, though. The unearned love of this gracious God saves the lowly right along with the upright. And here I sit at story’s end so thankful that by the grace of God that even I am saved by that same faith. What a ride this story is. A Preacher once told a story……

One thought on “Yes, Lord Amen!

  1. The review reminds me AGAIN of the truisms, first, that if one accepts their Church as their religion, they are in deep doo doo, and second, that expecting anything other than VERY human behavior from a denomination’s heirarchy is a fool’s game.


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