Upcoming Seminars

Will Willimon will be leading teaching events at the following venues in the next few months. If you are in the area, be sure to check out the event and sign up!

February 28 – “Preaching with Karl Barth” – A day-long seminar based upon Will’s book, Conversations with Barth on Preaching.  Mt. Shepherd Retreat Center, Asheboro, NC.  www.mtshepherd.org

April 9 – “Preaching Resurrection” – A day of reflections upon the task of preaching after Easter, Sioux Falls Seminary, Sioux Falls, SD  rsisk@ssfseminary.edu

April 24-26 –  “College of Preachers,” – A unique three day, small group, intensive course on improving preaching.  Dallas, TX.  cseitz@wycliffe.utoronto.ca

April 27-28  – “Dillard Forum on Preaching,” at Trinity UMC and Union Seminary, Richmond, VA. KMcFayden@usem.edu

May 15 –  “2013 Festival of Homiletics.”  Nashville, TN, david@goodpreacher.com

May 19-20 – Preaching Festival, Monica Park Christian Church, Garland, TX. eddiehill9@aol.com

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