The State of Things radio interview – June 10, 2013

Host Frank Stacio interviewed Will Willimon on WUNC 91.5 FM’s “The State of Things”.  They spoke about Willimon’s novel, Incorporation, and about his new interim appointment at Duke Memorial UMC, as well as several other lively topics.

More information and a podcast can be accessed by visiting


One thought on “The State of Things radio interview – June 10, 2013

  1. How delighted to learn that you are at Duke Memorial. If I were still living in Durham I would be in worship every Sunday! Having retired in June of 2008 we moved to New Bern when my wife retired in June of 2011. Before we left Durham, we frequently worshipped at Duke Memorial. The best to you while you “shepherd” the folks at Duke Memorial! I am sure they are excited to have you as their pastor. Leonard Doucette, retired NCUMC.


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