Preaching as Oral Communication

We make a weird move in our seminary homiletics classes. After having spent at least sixteen years educating these students out of their natural, oral culture of stories, images, jokes, and slang, and into a literate world of books, term papers, and abstract ideas, in one semester of a preaching class we try to dragContinue reading “Preaching as Oral Communication”

Preaching after Easter – Part 2

  Last week I reflected upon some of the challenges of preaching in light of the resurrection. This week, I would like to point to some of the implications of preaching in the light of Eastertide: As Bonhoeffer said, there is only one preacher – the resurrected Christ. As Barth said, only God can speakContinue reading “Preaching after Easter – Part 2”

Preaching after Easter – Part 1

            Here we are, just beginning into our annual attempt to get over the jolt of the resurrection. Some of best intellectual defenses have been enlisted to cope with the outrage of Easter. And yet, in spite of ourselves, Christ keeps rising to us. As he began work on Romans KarlContinue reading “Preaching after Easter – Part 1”