Abingdon publishes revised edition of Pastor: The Theory and Practice of Ordained Ministry

Pastor: The Theology and Practice of Ordained Ministry (Revised book coverEdition) is a revision of the popular text – used in seminaries and by pastors – published by William H. Willimon in 2002, along with Pastor: A Reader for Ordained Ministry, which still stands as a companion to the revised version.

Willimon has observed how the book functions as a text at Duke Divinity School and noted shortcomings he addresses in the revision – such as focusing more on the pastor as a leader of mission. He also asked students and fellow seminary professors for revision suggestions. Since writing the original book, Dr. Willimon also served as a United Methodist Bishop, and in that role of overseeing the work of 600 clergy gained a unique perspective on the pastoral vocation. He also observes the explosion of literature in ministry, especially in the areas of leadership, mission and church planting and takes new insights into account.

“Christian Leadership’s amazing ability to reinvent itself in response to new demands and opportunities induced by the Holy Spirit requires that we continually revise our practice of pastoral ministry while being faithful to the historic theological rationale for the church’s pastors.” (from the Preface to the Revised Edition)

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