Listen to Sermons from Duke Chapel

Listen to  Sermons from Duke Chapel

Due to the good efforts of Chuck Campbell and Luke Powery at Duke Divinity, Duke University has just published for download a huge collection of sermons from Duke Chapel going all the way back to my sermons in 2000.  This is stage one of a process of putting all past recorded Duke Chapel sermons in a digital format.

When I researched and published my Sermons from Duke Chapel (Duke University Press) in which I published and annotated seventy-five years of sermons from the Chapel, I saw that we had a great gift in these sermons from the past.  I have advocated for this project for many years, realizing that Duke Chapel had a treasure trove of American homiletics.  Now those thousands of sermons are available for download.

I’m sure that preachers and their congregations will be blessed by these sermons for years to come.

You may see the vast collection at:

Happy homiletics listening!


Will Willimon

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