What’s Right with the Church?

Some years ago Bishop Al Gwinn chided seminaries for cranking out pastors “who can only serve healthy churches. That excludes about eighty percent of the churches in my Conference,” said bishop Gwinn.  Fostering the health of a church requires a wide array of pastoral skills. When I was bishop in Alabama, I got to see firsthand theContinue reading “What’s Right with the Church?”

Keeping the Easter Vigil at Duke Gardens

In keeping with a Duke tradition and the much older, richer tradition of the church, I had the chance to celebrate the good news of Jesus’ resurrection in the early morning at Duke Gardens again this year. That first Easter morning happened before the sun was up, and it makes sense that we would gatherContinue reading “Keeping the Easter Vigil at Duke Gardens”

Resurrection Thoughts for Easter Monday

“Everything depends upon a red wheel barrow.” Thus begins a poem by William Carlos Williams.  And that sort of sums it all up, don’t you think?  We are modern folk who begin (and end) with the hard-core stuff of life, what can be seen, touched, tasted, tested.  No metaphysical flights of fancy for us.  SeeingContinue reading “Resurrection Thoughts for Easter Monday”