Turning Fear to Love: An Interview with UMNS

United Methodist News Service recently interviewed me about my new book, Fear of the Other. In this time of renewed xenophobia, this conversation seems more pressing than ever, and I am hopeful that I can contribute in some helpful way to the discussions and debates in your local church! I look forward to hearing from you on how that goes.



2 thoughts on “Turning Fear to Love: An Interview with UMNS

  1. I read Fear of the Other when it was first published. Living in Southern CA and recently retired from a career in Social Services has given me a front row seat to the debates over immigration, the misconceptions about what undocumented immigrants can receive from the government, and how the needs US citizen children of these immigrants are often dismissed in the discussions. I am so often at a loss about what I can do. I feel God is leading me to do something, but at this moment I do not know what. All I know is my heart hurts when I hear the negative rhetoric, and arguing with someone about it does nothing. I like that there is no fear in love. Thank you for your book.


  2. Somehow I lost your email address so I hope you will respond to me “Off Line”. I want to share some things that are too painful to relate here.

    There is good news in that your inspiration still works in North Carolina. I have written a proposal to set up yet another charter school. This one reaches out to ethnic minorities from the middle east. I am hoping you will support the idea but even if you don’t your comments will be appreciated.


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