Preaching on Palm Sunday

I want to share this message from Jim Somerville of A Sermon for Every Sunday. I hope you find it helpful as you prepare to sing Hosanna! this Sunday.


And that makes it somewhat of a challenge.

Like Easter, you sometimes wonder what can be said about Palm Sunday that hasn’t already been said a hundred times before.  Yes, Jesus rides a donkey into Jerusalem.  Yes, the crowds shout “Hosanna!”  Yes, it all happens days before he will be arrested, tried, and crucified.

But so what?

What does it mean, and particularly, what does it mean for a 21st century audience, removed by hundreds of years and thousands of miles from the original event?

Well, suppose you could hear FOUR Palm Sundaysermons by FOUR of America’s best preachers and take your pick?

You can.

Yesterday I clicked the “Archives” link on our website and selected the “Palm Sunday category.  And that’s when I realized we’ve been doing this for four years.

Because there they were: Palm Sunday sermons from 2018 (Will Willimon), 2017 (Richard Voelz), 2016 (Jim Somerville), and 2015 (Andrew Foster Connors), and all of them ready to “plug and play.”

So, whether you are a preacher who needs some fresh inspiration for this Sunday, or a church that needs a preacher, you have a choice.  Several choices.

And all of them good ones.

Will Willimon’s sermon for this week is called “On Donkey Detail,” and it’s a wonderful tribute to the small acts of service that make Christ’s ministry possible in the world.  You can see it on our YouTube channel by clicking the image below.  High-definition downloads suitable for projecting in worship are available on our website.  You can read the Gospel text by clicking HERE, and view the sermon by clicking HERE.

While you’re on our website, don’t be afraid to click the “donate” button, especially if you visit the site often.  A Sermon for Every Sunday exists only through the generosity of our donors.  We’d like to keep the sermons coming.

These sermons can be projected onto a screen or a wall in a worship service (find instructions on ourwebsite); shown on a flat screen TV in a Bible study, a small group, or a Sunday school class; or used for personal viewing on a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

Please forward this email to anyone you know who loves good preaching; to any preacher you know who would be grateful for fresh inspiration; or to the leader of a congregation that doesn’t have or can’t afford a regular preacher.  Our goal is to supply lectionary-based video sermons by America’s best preachers for every Sunday of the Christian year.

All you do is push the button.

Jim Somerville, Co-founder
A Sermon for Every Sunday

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