Great Teachers, Great Students

Last year I had the privilege of team-teaching a course on the Psalms for Preaching with Dr. Stephen Chapman.  If you are a preacher, you ought to have Dr. Chapman’s award winning theological commentary, First Samuel as Christian Scripture.  His determinedly Christian theological interpretation of this Old Testament book is breathtaking and immediately applicable toContinue reading “Great Teachers, Great Students”

A New Book from Duke’s Doctorate of Ministry Program

Some of my most rewarding teaching experiences have been in the Duke Doctor of Ministry program.  This summer I took over as Director of the program.  I’m excited about this opportunity to lead what has become one of best Doctor of Ministry programs in the country. A remarkable aspect of the Duke program is howContinue reading “A New Book from Duke’s Doctorate of Ministry Program”

Reflecting on Bishop Goodson

The most formative afternoon I spent in Alabama was the afternoon I worked through the papers of Bishop Kenneth Goodson.  That afternoon consecrated me as bishop of the North Alabama Conference of The United Methodist Church and gave me my marching orders.  I kept a portrait of Bishop Goodson in my office in Birmingham toContinue reading “Reflecting on Bishop Goodson”