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I recently had the opportunity to preach at Mt Olivet United Methodist Church in Arlington, VA, for the Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost. I am grateful for the opportunity to preach among the Methodist people there, and grateful for the chance to share the sermon with you all.

Speaking of sharing sermons, I am excited to announce that my podcast is up and active once again! You should be able to find it on iTunes and your favorite podcast app! I will be sharing sermons new and old there, as well as other conversations in which I take part in the days ahead. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Sermons on Podcast

  1. Thanks Bp. Will for your powerful reflections regarding powerful people in high places. I still maintain our preaching MUST both challenge and invite we,the preachers. Today I fussed with a small Filipino fellowship were I preach monthly as they sang, “And now let the rich become rich and the poor become poor.” I just had to remind them it’s the opposite. That’s just what people like Donald Trump and many high and mighty religious leaders want – to be richer in money and things. Thank God for widows and their mites!

    But now I must fuss with you: I’ve earlier read your Bio and know you graduated from Wofford in 1968 – the same year there was no longer a Methodist Church; rather the United Methodist Church. I was ordained in the former Methodist Church but that 1968 union of former Methodists and EUBs birthed a new church. For me, when we, who originated in the former Methodist Church continue to speak of “The Methodist Church” or “I’m a Methodist preacher” we do a great disservice to the former EUB tradition. The EUB folk gave up soooooo much to become United Methodists [I sometimes mistype Untied]. Over the years I’ve noticed we Southerners use the old name more than others. But it has been 50 years and that’s a long time to call someone by the wrong name.

    It’s probably both OK and acceptable to call myself a Methodist preacher [whether British, American, Filipino, Mexican, German, Swiss, etc.] but not to speak of The Methodist Church.

    Pray that I’m not nit-picking! I just want to be fair to our tradition.

    Continued blessings in your ministry,



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