UMC will continue to be in disagreement

From a recent interview I had with our local paper, The News & Observer: “Disagreement has been a hallmark of Methodism throughout the denomination’s history, before and after the United Methodist Church was formed through the 1968 convergence of the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church. The United Methodist churches he pastored beforeContinue reading “UMC will continue to be in disagreement”

Are Methodists Mirroring a Culture of Division?

Just after the end of the Special Session of General Conference, I had a chance to talk with Jim Wallis and reflect on what happened in St. Louis. Jim offered some commentary on that conversation and where we are in The United Methodist Church with Sojourners, which you can read here. I share a fewContinue reading “Are Methodists Mirroring a Culture of Division?”