Christians Courageous

Well over a year ago, Fuller Seminary President Dr. Mark Labberton gave a courageous, biblical, rebuke to those Christian leaders who continued to foolishly give Christian support and justification to Trumpism. I’ve regretted that political leaders, like our two Senators from North Carolina, have continued to justify Trump’s lies, support of dictators, and sins againstContinue reading “Christians Courageous”

Clergy for Tolerance Breakfast

A few years ago I was invited to Nashville to speak  to a group of clergy and laity who were working on immigration in Tennessee. Building on our work against the draconian Republican anti-immigration law in Alabama, I praised them for their efforts to keep Tennessee from going down the same disastrous path trod byContinue reading “Clergy for Tolerance Breakfast”

Reflections on Accidental Preacher

As my memoir Accidental Preacher comes out in print, I am thrilled to receive this response from Erskine Clarke, a distinguished professor of American church history who for many years taught at Columbia Presbyterian Seminary. —Will Will, I just finished Accidental Preacher—it is truly wonderful, a gift to the church and to all who are called toContinue reading “Reflections on Accidental Preacher”

A Sermon for the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

This Sunday’s Psalter should catch you by surprise. You might expect Psalm 66 to invite Israel, God’s chosen people, to praise the Lord, but in an a surprisingly magnanimous gesture the psalmist invites the whole earth to praise the God of Israel. I share a sermon with you, reflecting on the generosity of the psalmist,Continue reading “A Sermon for the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost”