Give the Gift of Willimon This Christmas

A signed copy of my memoir Accidental Preacher is exactly the Christmas gift that all of your loved ones need! One of my former students Allen Stanton described it as

A memoir that is an object lesson in vocation. It demands that the reader reconsider their own vocation, their own discipleship. Throughout the book, Willimon implicitly asks the reader, “If I, with all of my shortcomings, insecurities, family drama, and personal failures, can give myself over to Christ, why can’t you?”

Doesn’t that sound like what you’d like your friends and relatives to be thinking? The book works as well as a stocking stuffer as it does as a standalone present.

You can email me at to let me know how many signed copies you’d like, to whom you’d like them inscribed, and with what sort of a comment.

With shipping and personalized signature, each copy is $25. I’m happy to mail the copy to you or the gift recipient, and if you order soon, they’ll arrive in plenty of time for Christmas.


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