Yet Another Accidental Preacher

One of the joys since Accidental Preacher was released into the world has been hearing how helpful it has been for some of my former students. Zen Hess, a wonderful young pastoral leader, posted a review on Theology Forum where he writes,

Will’s memoir is filled with honesty, joy, humor, and rich theological and pastoral insight…I am glad by God’s grace to have gotten to know Will. Whether in his writing or in conversation, I rarely feel as certain of my call as I do after interacting with him. This is true of his memoir. Pastors: read and enjoy and, I hope, remember your calling.

He also says that in the book I’ve made him want to be a Methodist minister. I’m delighted that  pastors are finding my memoir edifying themselves and their ministries; maybe you would too. See this post to get a signed copy of Accidental Preacher in time for Christmas.


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