Looking for Lectionary Help?

Some folks may not realize that I’ve been providing pastors a lectionary help for decades now. Pulpit Resource is now published by Ministry Matters and is available both in a quarterly printed edition and electronically. Each week I pick one of the texts, often the gospel lesson, and provide an exegetical sketch, a prayer, a few ideas for ways to help the text touch down in your congregation’s life, and a sample sermon. Thousands of pastors have found its pages an important part of their weekly preparation routine. UM Discipleship Ministries recommends Pulpit Resource as “scholarly and timely.”

I’ve also compiled some of my greatest hits so to speak from the thousands of Sundays of Pulpit Resource into a seven-volume set we’ve called Lectionary Sermon Resource: two volumes for each lectionary year and then a separate volume dedicated to Psalms. You can purchase all of them from Abingdon Press; here is the first half of year A. Perhaps some of this work can be part of how you elevate your preaching this year.


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