Expanded RBT Webinar Capacity

Thanks to the tireless efforts of my colleagues at Duke Divinity School, I’m happy to announce that all future sessions of Reading Barth Together will have room for 1000 participants to join instead of the 500 we had last week, leaving a number of folks unhappy at being unable to join. I hope that this will allow everyone who wants to participate in real time on the webinar to do so next Tuesday at 10AM EST and each of the following three weeks. If we run out of space again this week or any of the others, let me reassure you that we’re definitely recording the sessions and will be posting them on YouTube as quickly as we can.

As you read Ch. 5-9 (Barth’s discussion of God) for Tuesday, Ralph Wood’s discussion questions may help you make sense of what Barth’s up to in Dogmatics in Outline.

Also, Andy Rowell has offered to host a Zoom discussion group after the next session and the following ones, since the webinar permit doesn’t permit much interactions between participants. We’ll post that link during the session and here on the blog that day.


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