Reading Barth Together: Session II

We had our second session of the Reading Barth Together webinar series today, covering chapters 5-9 of Dogmatics in Outline. You can watch it on my YouTube channel here.

Reading Barth Together: Session 2: Dogmatics in Outline Ch. 5-9

Here is a document of questions submitted for consideration during the webinar:

Stanley closed with this prayer which I share with you now:

God of Time,
Lord of Creation,
We feel lost in the cosmos,
We are not sure what is happening to us,
We are not sure how to respond.
Help us receive you as
The Lord of all that is,
Making it possible for us
To rejoice in your befriending us
So that we might befriend one another
In times of loneliness and isolation.
Make us love one another
And even ourselves,
So that we might see
In a world that seems lost
That we are in contact 
With one another
Being made in your image.
Thank you for this time together:
May it feel as though we are
Enjoying one another in You.
In the name of your son Jesus Christ, Amen.

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