Coronatide Resident Aliens

I appeared on the Just Us. podcast to talk about Resident Aliens. They describe this episode thusly:

“It’s day __? of the pandemic, and the future is still very uncertain, giving many of us a great deal of anxiety. So we felt like everyone could use a bit of a break on this episode by listening to an interview we did with UMC Bishop, theologian, and pastor Rev. William H. Willimon at the end of 2019 (we planned to release normally until COVID-19). In it, Trevor discusses with Willimon about arguably his most well-known book (along with his colleague Stanley Hauerwas), “Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony” and how it can be relevant to the current social and political climate Christians in America find themselves in today.”

You can listen below, on their site, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Just Us. Podcast: “World on Fire: Taking a Break with Will Willimon”

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