Crisis Preaching for Barthians

You will likely not be surprised to hear that I have been talking again with the Crackers & Grape Juice crowd (specifically Jason and Johanna), this time about Karl Barth’s Homiletics book which emerged from his lectures on preaching during the Nazi rise to power in the early ’30s. We talk about the tension between the human subjectivity-worshipping Schleiermacher and the Christocentric Barth.

What folks need to hear from their preachers right now is not navel gazing and back patting: what they need to hear is the Word of God by the power of Holy Spirit. You can listen here, embedded below, or wherever else you prefer to listen to podcasts.

Listen to “Episode 260 – Will Willimon: Karl Barth's Emergency Homiletic” on Spreaker.

2 thoughts on “Crisis Preaching for Barthians

  1. Have you posted RBT IV yet?? Missing it. It was my fav and I want to see again. Please advise or resend if I missed it! Blessings, Lynn+

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