Courage and Compassion: Preaching a Prophetic Message

I appeared yesterday on a panel hosted by my fellow Wofford Terrier Rev. Lisa Yebuah with Rev. Dr. Jevon Caldwell-Gross of St. Luke’s UMC in Indianapolis, Indiana and Bishop Gregory Palmer of the West Ohio Conference. Entitled “Courage and Compassion: Preaching a Prophetic Message,” we hoped to provide preachers with the encouragement they need to continue preaching bold, true, and powerful sermons amidst difficult and divisive times.

Audience members said things afterwards like:

  • Participants gave refreshing approaches to a difficult but necessary subject. I could hear knowledge of and respect for individual and collective parishioners. For me it gave a clue to evaluating preaching. No matter the text or preaching style, consider the clear call of the gospel preeminent.
  • It encourages me to speak the truth, despite the backlash!
  • The panelists’ words were so prophetic and so accessible. God’s power was expressed in a way that let those who are preaching about racism and other justice issues could understand that this battle is the Lord’s and we can rest assured justice and truth will prevail. I loved this. Thank you.
  • I was feeling pretty bummed — this morning I was told a member was quitting because my sermon series on racism was “too political.” After today’s webinar, I’m ready to jump back in.

You can watch it on the Amplify Media website here.

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