Preachers Dare Launch Webinar

In October, I published Preachers Dare: Speaking for God, my theology of preaching. Preaching is brave speech drawn out of us because, Deus Dixit, God speaks, as Barth reminds us in the Göttingen Dogmatics, and God is determined to remain in conversation with us through us. For this launch webinar, I will be joined by Old Testament professors and preachers Brent Strawn and Stephen Chapman for conversation. Drs. Strawn and Chapman both generously helped me during the book’s editing process. Time will be allotted for participant questions at the end.

Join us January 26 at 7p EST on Zoom:

For a preview, see this video I did about the book:

2 thoughts on “Preachers Dare Launch Webinar

  1. I have another zoom next Tuesday, January 26 at the same time. Will this webinar be recorded and made available?

    Randy Cooper (Martin, TN)


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