Aging Press

A review in Christianity Today argues that Aging: Growing Old in Church is among seven books that belong in your pastoral care library this Spring.

Michael Niebauer, rector of Incarnation Church in State College, Pennsylvania, and a teaching fellow at Trinity School for Ministry, writes:

Will Willimon invites pastors to think intentionally about their own aging and the vocation of their elderly parishioners in this comprehensive and engaging text. While old age brings with it a certain loss of control for many, it also provides a new set of freedoms that Christians should view as an opportunity to invest more fully in their walk with God and in the lives of those they are called to serve in this new stage of life. Pastors in turn should consider how they can help their aging parishioners transition well by providing both practical opportunities to prepare for financial and health care challenges and opportunities for continued ministry within the life of the church. Willimon offers fantastic illustrations from his own experience as a septuagenarian pastor and vivid anecdotes from a lifetime of faithful service within various intergenerational congregations.

One thought on “Aging Press

  1. I highly recommend this honest and insightful journey into your next season of life. Since 2012 I have seen our ministry to boomers and older adults to grow more than tenfold. Each of us comes to a crossroads at retirement. Which road will we take. Like Will, I realize the way of Jesus is calling. The best is yet to be!


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