Preaching Holy Week 2021

Faced with a story so demanding, the church has got to stop what it’s doing and listen, allowing this story to have its say. A story so true, so real—no way that we could have made it up on our own or it could have arisen from our wishful thinking. Most preachers are careful not to tell the same story twice; this one we repeat every year. The Passion re-creates us as a people of the cross. Without this story, I fear that my church would morph into just a club of like-minded, congenial folks with progressive political aspirations. Holy Week keeps us from making the church anything we like.

“Stunned observers,” The Christian Century, 3.15.21

The conversation I had with Rick Lischer about preaching Holy Week this year has now been published in The Christian Century, and we’re doing another webinar, much like our Preaching Advent 2020, to extend the discussion and, we hope, answer any pressing questions you may have.

The webinar is tomorrow night, 3/17, at 7p EDT.

This event is being offered free over Zoom. Once you register here, you’ll receive the link to be able to participate. It will also be streamed to my Facebook page and posted after the fact on my YouTube Channel.

If you have any questions in advance that you’d like us to address, feel free to leave a comment here, and we’ll try to get to them.

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