The Gospel for the Person Who Has Everything in Review

A review was released last month in the Englewood Review of Books by Andrew Camp of my recently republished book The Gospel for the Person Who Has Everything. He writes:

“As the church ministers to the strong, they will also need to reclaim the Christian ethic of response over and against an ethic of achievement. Christians need to be constantly reminded that their good deeds are not done in order to achieve anything, for remember Christ has already loved us. Rather as Christians we are compelled by the love by which we have been loved.

Willimon reminds us, “You can’t beat people on the head, bring them to their knees, devastate their human dignity, and then expect them to act like mature, responsible, full human beings.” Instead, the church must help her congregants to do the hard work of using their power in responsible ways, for let’s face it, the majority of white, American evangelicals have been blessed in special ways. The question becomes, what will we do with it?

This is the challenge that the strong need to be confronted with. The church needs to stop placating people, giving out nice, naïve platitudes, and start proclaiming the gospel that awakes people from their stupor and asks them to rise to meet the challenges of our day.”

You can read the rest of the review here.

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