How do pastors move from scripture to sermon?

In this documentary “A Will to Preach,” join me as I move through the process of preparing to preach at a church in Salisbury, NC. Included on that webpage is an interview I did in February at Buncombe United Methodist Church in Greenville, SC. Hope you enjoy!

3 thoughts on “How do pastors move from scripture to sermon?

  1. Thanks for posting, Will. A wonderful piece. Hope I can also see the interview that followed this if you can post it



  2. It really makes you realize how preachers really need to understand the scriptures well enough to make sure that their preaching really conveys the right message. Our black pastor here in Houston, Keion Henderson, is a classic example of a true pastor that really knows God’s message in the bible and in turn relay and convey the right message to those who attend service.


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