One thought on “A Cruciform Message from Mark’s Gospel

  1. Dr. Willimon, I just finished saving my sermon for Sunday, from the lectionary Gospel text, Mark 8:27-38 (NRSV), and it is entitled, “Expect a Cross.” Remembering notes from Dr. Eastman’s NT class at Duke Divinity School, and realizing that Peter’s expectations (and ours) are often much too rational and comfortable for Jesus’ liking, my thesis is that Jesus mandates us to expect to cross, and this will mean embodying all of the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5-7), including the messy part about loving our enemies and not retaliating when we’d like to get revenge. You continue to be such an incredible witness of the faith for me, and your preaching never ceases to plant seeds of hope in my heart. You are a wonderful gift to the parish and the academy, but I am even more blessed to call you my friend.

    Your humble student for life, Will Watson


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