God Will Make a Way

It was great to join Bishop Ken Carter on Crackers & Grape Juice this week. He’s got a new book out titled God Will Make a Way: Spiritual Life and Leadership in a Contested Season. I hope you’ll listen, enjoy, and pick up a copy of Ken’s book!


One thought on “God Will Make a Way

  1. Having just retired, after having an heart attack, from an ELCA congregation outside Atlanta, I must say this was one of the most balanced, perceptive, and humbling conversations of what my last few years of ministry were about. The insights of both speakers gave some order to the chaos I experienced pastoring a congregation with a wide variety of religious and political beliefs. So much of my time was wasted it seems on being aware of where the land mines lay. Since my retirement, I have spend a couple of hours each day immersed in the scriptures. It has soothed my soul in two ways. The have reminded me of the total failure of humanity and the unimaginable graciousness of God. Thank for your wonderful conversation. May all humanity find a way to speak with one another.


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