A Service of Death and Resurrection for Patrick White

Just before Christmas, Patrick White was murdered in his law office by a client. Molly Brock White, my student, teaching assistant, Methodist preacher and Patrick’s spouse asked me to preach at Patrick’s Service of Death and Resurrection that was held at Hays Barton UMC in Raleigh on The Epiphany. Molly offered a wonderful prayer and I preached. A number of you have asked to see the service.


3 thoughts on “A Service of Death and Resurrection for Patrick White

  1. What an incredibly powerful and touching and Gospel-centered service in the wake of such senseless tragedy. I cannot believe Molly got through her prayer with as much poise and dignity – and hope – as she did. And you also brought them Christ, and the sure hope of eternal life in Him. The hymns and liturgy also brought us Christ. Thank you for sharing this powerful service with us.


  2. Since retirement, I have been asked to minister and preside at funerals for those who have no faith connection; those elderly whose churches have forgotten them; and even those who have no faith. I do so at the five locations of J. Henry Stuhr Funeral Homes in Charleston, SC. Some weeks, I have dealt with as many as five families. My sermons are so much like yours. Not as personal and relational as yours, for sure. They can’t be. Yet, the themes are always the goodness and Grace of God and the Hope which is given to all. Thank you for reminding me why I do what I do and why I will continue to do so. I needed your sermon today because I am preparing for a funeral of a victim of Domestic Violence.


  3. Beautiful tribute. Beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing this service. My prayers are with all who are touched by this tragedy. Peace of Christ, the Light of the World.


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