Doctor of Ministry Program getting some love

As director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Duke Divinity School, Dr. Willimon has loved teaching D. Min courses which combine week-long residency and online-synchronous sessions for pastors looking to step up their game through academic study and peer reflection. Here’s a sample of a story DDS has published about what goes on inContinue reading “Doctor of Ministry Program getting some love”

Stories by Willimon: Another Excerpt

As mentioned previously, Abingdon Press released earlier in February a collection of some of the stories Will has told in sermons, articles, and books over the years. Here’s another example of what you’ll find in its pages to whet your whistle while you wait for your copy to arrive: Sermon Slips A deep, irrational fearContinue reading “Stories by Willimon: Another Excerpt”

Leading with the Sermon: Excerpt IV

Continuing our series of excerpts from Leading with the Sermon (out now with Fortress Press!), here’s a piece on preaching as “A Mutual Endeavor”— Throughout the history of the church’s preaching, one senses a certain nervousness within the church, a recurring lament over the state of preaching. The church is right to worry about itsContinue reading “Leading with the Sermon: Excerpt IV”

Interview about Stories

Abingdon released a collection of Willimon stories earlier this month, aptly named Stories by Willimon. Will was interviewed again by Rick Lee James on his Voices In My Head podcast to talk about the Stories book. You can find the interview here or wherever you prefer to listen to podcasts. More excerpts from the bookContinue reading “Interview about Stories”

Leading with the Sermon: Excerpt III

Ministry Matters posted this excerpt from Leading with the Sermon which was released on February 4th. Muddling Through In a divergent time, leaders cannot waste energy attempting to foster unity and uniformity; rather, the leader aspires to have the congregation muddle through with enough people on board and a good-enough, workable consensus. Gil Rendle saysContinue reading “Leading with the Sermon: Excerpt III”