Reading Barth Together: Session 1

I’ve heard from quite a few folks that they wanted to access the session today but found it full. Stan and I are sorry to have disappointed you. Our Duke Zoom webinar license only permitted 500 attendees. We’re working on finding a better solution for next week and the weeks following. In the meantime, I’veContinue reading “Reading Barth Together: Session 1”

Dogmatics in Outline and the Local Church

Stanley and I have decided to extend our Reading Barth Together webinar series (which begins Tuesday at 10am) for a fifth session on the Local Church and Dogmatics in Outline. We’ll be joined on the panel by some pastors who have used the book in Confirmation classes among other settings. We’ll focus our reflection togetherContinue reading “Dogmatics in Outline and the Local Church”

Why Dogmatics in Outline?

In March 2000, First Things asked a variety of folks to name which theological books of the twentieth century “made a lasting mark,” so Stanley named Barth’s Dogmatics in Outline, recommending that it be read yearly. If you’re planning to attend our Reading Barth Together series of webinars in May, this little encomium may pairContinue reading “Why Dogmatics in Outline?”

Discussion Questions for Dogmatics in Outline

With the Reading Barth Together webinar series with Stanley Hauerwas and me set to begin next Tuesday (hope you’ll join us), my friend Ralph Wood, one of our finest scholars of theology and literature, shared with me a set of questions related to Dogmatics in Outline. Now I share them with you to help stimulate andContinue reading “Discussion Questions for Dogmatics in Outline”

Gospel of Grace

In a forthcoming review essay in The Christian Century on a reclamation of gracious preaching as the core Protestant practice, my friend Jason Micheli includes the following friendly words about Accidental Preacher: Will Willimon, in his highly theological memoir Accidental Preacher (Eerdmans), exemplifies the self-effacing humor and playfulness of someone whose life down here onContinue reading “Gospel of Grace”

Evangelicals Get Real

Just as Donald Trump was endorsing inoculation  against COVID-19 with bleach, and then lied about what he said, Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, joined Rod Dreher and Jerry Falwell Jr. in endorsing Trump for a second term. While Mohler didn’t vote for Trump the first time around, MohlerContinue reading “Evangelicals Get Real”