Take Responsibility

After Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri, my friend Dr. Willis Johnson invited me to speak at his church during their Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration. It was a great, humbling honor. I encouraged Willis to share his thoughts on antiracism, particularly addressed to white congregations like the ones I’ve served, and the result wasContinue reading “Take Responsibility”

Peculiarly Christian Talk about Race

I’m reposting a series from back when I published Who Lynched Earle?  Preaching to Confront Racism in late February 2017. It turns out preaching (especially from white preachers) still needs to confront racism three years later: no surprise there. Who Lynched Willie Earle? opens with a lynching in my hometown when I was one yearContinue reading “Peculiarly Christian Talk about Race”

Sanctifying Racists in Recovery

Ministry Matters ran this excerpt today from my book Who Lynched Willie Earle?: Preaching to Confront Racism (Abingdon, 2017), taking the book’s subtitle for the article’s headline. I wrote, A white male (Paul Tillich), preaching to white males, preached a famous sermon: “You are Accepted,” as if unconditional acceptance were the core of the Good News.Continue reading “Sanctifying Racists in Recovery”

Wednesday Night Bible Study

My friend Jim Somerville, the pastor of First Baptist Church, Richmond, conducts a weekly Wednesday Night Bible Study for his congregation.  Jim asked me to sit in with him and look at the gospel lesson for this past week, the story of Easter evening from John 20.  I hope you will enjoy our discussion ofContinue reading “Wednesday Night Bible Study”

Reading Barth Together: Session V

We had our fifth Reading Barth Together webinar yesterday. Stanley and I invited Justin Coleman and Jason Micheli to join us on the panel with the intention of talking about Barth and the local church, though we ended up talking more about what it means to be the church during the mess we’re in. YouContinue reading “Reading Barth Together: Session V”