A Service of Death and Resurrection for Patrick White

Just before Christmas, Patrick White was murdered in his law office by a client. Molly Brock White, my student, teaching assistant, Methodist preacher and Patrick’s spouse asked me to preach at Patrick’s Service of Death and Resurrection that was held at Hays Barton UMC in Raleigh on The Epiphany. Molly offered a wonderful prayer andContinue reading “A Service of Death and Resurrection for Patrick White”

Pulpit Resource for Christmas Sunday

Ministry Matters published my sermon resource for the upcoming Christmas Sunday. In a world all-too-full of sad chidings, let us join the heavenly hosts in proclaiming good tidings: “Rejoice! For unto you is born this day in the City of David, a Savior—Christ the Lord.” “The good news is that Jesus wants more than aContinue reading “Pulpit Resource for Christmas Sunday”

Covenanting Service for Dr. Jason Byassee

It was a joy to preach at the Covenanting Service for Dr. Jason Byassee at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto. After a distinguished career teaching at Vancouver School of Theology, Jason has come to this historic Canadian congregation to give them leadership into the future. Taking John 3 as my text, I reflected aboutContinue reading “Covenanting Service for Dr. Jason Byassee”