Hoping for Resurrection

I’ll be preaching in the National Cathedral service on Sunday, July 12 at 11:15am EST which will be streamed on their YouTube Channel and posted here afterwards. This will be my fourth sermon from the Cathedral pulpit. I follow my former student William Barber who preached there four Sundays ago. You’ll hear me begin my sermon,Continue reading “Hoping for Resurrection”

Reading More Barth Together

Having closed out the Reading Barth Together series with Stanley on Karl Barth’s Dogmatics in Outline, all five sessions are posted on my YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure. Since those went so well, Stanley and I have decided that we’ll be Reading More Barth Together, starting July 14th. In 1960, the American church got its first look at three of KarlContinue reading “Reading More Barth Together”

Evangelical Reckoning?

No one expected Jerry Falwell, Jr., or Franklin Graham to do anything other than support Trump; it’s fully in line with their right-wing politics.  More discouraging and greatly damaging is that evangelicals like Eric Metaxas, Ralph Reed, Albert Mohler, and Robert Jeffress stepped so eagerly in line behind a man who, before he realized thatContinue reading “Evangelical Reckoning?”

Preaching Grace for an Anti-racist Church

I take now a break from reprinting tidbits from the blog’s WLWE?:PTCR archives to alert you to something UM Discipleship published of mine yesterday. It begins, “Two Sundays after the murder of George Floyd. Again, no mention of BLM, George, Ahmaud, or race from our pulpit,”she said. “I’m heartbroken. If the Christian faith has nothingContinue reading “Preaching Grace for an Anti-racist Church”